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That's right! If you are a current customer of High Quality Cleaning Services, Inc., then you know how good we really are. We know the best advertising is "word of mouth", simply tell your friends, colleagues about High Quality Cleaning Services, Inc.

If you refer High Quality Cleaning Services, Inc. to a friend or family member, you will receive 40% off of your next cleaning bill (one time per referral) after I clean your friend or family member's home twice. If you prefer, you may use the money (40% of the value of your cleaning) in any way you see fit: get a discount on your next bill, donate it to charity, deposit it in your bank account, spend it, get a gift certificate from your favorite store or apply to future cleanings. There's no limit to how many referrals you may send us.

You may call us at 561-208-6045

Why are we requesting you a referral? Nothing compares to the credibility and insight that you, our customer, can provide when discussing the quality of our cleaning services with your peers.


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